TDSO Quartz Rose Engraved Dice

Purchase your TDSO Quartz Rose Engraved Dice from The Dice Shop Online, the World's largest retailer of dice.

When it comes to dice with exciting and interesting appearances, our Quartz Rose Dice range is a clear winner. Featuring a semi-transparent design with a rose tinge, these dice are sure to light up your imagination during your next role-play game.

Crafted from real stone and featuring laser engraved numbers, these Quartz Rose Dice are not to be missed. They're the perfect choice if you're playing as a wizard, witch or other magical character in a role-play game, featuring a gorgeous rose tinted colouring that is sure to leave your friends spellbound.

So add a little something extra your collection today and swipe up one of our stunning sets of Quartz Rose Dice today.

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