Wooden Folding Dice Tower - Steampunk

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Made in the UK

Here it is - the Steampunk Dice Tower!

Fabulous detail with lots of cutouts makes this dice tower a must for your game.

Raise the tower by lifting it on its pivot point and drop it into position - the clever pivot mechanism keeps the tower in place. And just to add to the fun, flip back the hatch on the top to drop the dice into the tower!
The detailed engraving and added dial pointers and bolts, together with the cutout slots in the tower, make this dice tower a real talking point. As you drop the dice into the tower, you can watch them rattling through the baffles onto the tray.

Measures 168 x 100 x 100 when closed (including the bolts on the side) and 200mm high with the tower in place. The drawer is kept closed when the tower is lowered, ensuring your dice stay put…

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