CLEARANCE Various Manufacturers MASSIVE 1.25 lbs Bag of Dice

Category: X Clearance and End of Line X
| Colour(s): Multi Coloured Dice  

10+ in stock £9.97 (Was:£19.95)

In this there is approximately 1.25ibs of assorted dice (550gs) of a many different types.

We managed to get hold of some dice from three manufacturers that had been in storage and we are selling them exactly as we got them randomly sorted into mixed bags. This means that there are all sorts of colour variants and many out of production dice in these bags.

Some of these will be their dice that were part of limited runs and were not produced again, some will be end of line dice and some might be seconds.

To be clear, this is a total random mix of dice and you could get any variety of dice types and quantities within the bag. There is NO guarantee that there will be an even mix of types.

I think if we sold these separately they would be 3 or more time the price.


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