Tessellations Opaque Black OptiDice 18mm Percentile Dice

Category: D10 Special Dice
| Colour(s): Black Dice  

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Tessellations Opaque Black OptiDice 18mm Percentile Dice
This is a 10 sided Percentile Dice.

Balanced distribution of numbers. To roll fair, dice should be physically balanced, but in practice this is never the case due to small inaccuracies in molds, nonuniform changes introduced during tumbling, and density variations due to defects like voids. In addition, it's possible to affect the roll of dice to a degree by carefully controlling the manner in which they're tossed. For these reasons, dice are more fair if they are as numerically balanced as possible. For example, a void inside a die near a vertex (a point where three or more faces come together) will cause that vertex to preferentially face up when the die is tossed. The effect of such defects can be minimized by arranging the numbers such that the sum of the faces meeting at each vertex is as nearly the same as possible.

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