Crit Hit Fireball Ceramic 7 Dice Polyset

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Crit Hit Fireball Ceramic 7 Dice Polyset
This is a handmade unique set of tough, high grade ceramic dice that can be used in you games. They feel amazing!

This is a 7 Dice Polyset and contains one of each of the following: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 and Percentile. The D20 is 16mm and the D6 is 14mm flat to flat with the other dice in scale.

Each set comes with its own branded dice bag.

Dice are one of the oldest gaming components known to humankind. As far back as 3000BCE, people were rolling small objects for fun. First it was astragals, anklebones of sheep, buffalo or other animals.) Not long after, all manner of dice were being played, in all major civilizations from Mesopotamia to the Mediterranean. Dice were commonly made of bone, ivory, bronze, agate, and porcelain (a type of clay).

Crit Hit Ceramics dice harken back to an earlier age, before cellulose and molded plastic dice. All their dice are hand crafted and unique:

MATERIAL: Crit Hit Ceramics dice are made from a durable, mid-fire white clay body.

CONTROL: Each die is weighed on gram scale for consistency.

HAND-CRAFTED: Each die is pressed, cleaned and numbered by hand.

INTO THE FIRE: Green (raw) Clay is fired to excess of 2200° Fahrenheit. The firing process takes approximately 12 hours.

TIME: Standard 7 Sets require a minimum of 3-4 man hours to complete.

UTILITY: Dice are durable, playable, and made to be enjoyed!

These are amazing and each dice is unique and hand made.

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