CLEARANCE D&G Opaque Red Monopoly Speed 16mm D6 Spot Dice

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CLEARANCE D&G Opaque Red Monopoly Speed 16mm D6 Spot Dice Offer
This is a 16mm 6 sided D6 dice with 3 different images and spots 1-3 on each face as pictured.


Full Rules can be found here:

1. When starting the game, hand out an extra $1,000 to each player (two $5005should work). The game moves fast and you'll need the extra cash to buy and build.

2. Do not use the Speed Die until you've landed on or passed over GO for the first time. Once you collect that first $200 salary, you'll use the Speed Die for the rest of the game. This means that some players will start using the die before others.

3. Once you start using the Speed Die, roll it along with the two white dice on your turn. Then d o the following depending on what you rolled.
1, 2, or 3: Add this number to the roll of the two white dice. You'll zoom around the board.

Bus: This lets you "get off the bus early." Look at the two white dice. You can move the value of one die, the other die, or the sum of both dice. So if you rolled a 1and a 5, you can move 1 space, 5 spaces, or 6 spaces: \t's your choice.
Mr. Monopoly: First, move the sum of the two white dice and resolve the space you land on (such as drawing a card, buying the property, paying rent, etc.). Then, one of two things will happen depending on whether or not there is still property in the bank.
YES, there is property in the bank -Advance to the NEXT property that the bank still holds and buy it if you wish. If you don't want to buy this property, move to the space anyway and put the property up for auction.
NO, there are no more properties in the bank - Advance to the NOCT property on which you will owe another player money.

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