HALF PRICE SPECIAL OFFER TDSO 10 x 7 Dice Polysets & Dice Bag - Exclusive Sets Included

Category: X Clearance and End of Line X
| Colour(s): Multi Coloured Dice  

10+ in stock £30.00 (Was:£60.00)

This is a Special Offer with a great price and limited stock!

it includes: TEN x 7 dice polysets (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 and Percentile Dice)

These sets will ALL be different colours and include 5 sets from our TDSO Bright Gem range and 5 sets selected from our TDSO Glitter or Pearl range, at least one of which will be a colour EXCLUSIVE to this offer.

To keep these safe, we will also add in a TDSO Large Coloured Dice Bag.

The pictures show the selection from which the sets will be randomly taken, apart from the exclusive colours, which are a surprise!

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