Litko Damn Big Wooden Dice Tower

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| Colour(s): Brown Dice  

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Litko Damn Big Wooden Dice Tower
Big Damn Dice Tower Kit.

Add this monstrous dice tower to you table and handle the largest dice, or a bucket full in one roll! With our new huge dice tower, you can control the mass of dice invading your table top, and keep the clutter to a minimum.

•8 inches tall
•8 inches long
•4 inches wide

This dice tower measures 8 inches tall, 8 inches long and 4 inches wide. The top of the tower is 4x4 inches wide ,and can accommodate up to 30mm dice, perfect for you full size D20's. The lower section is designed with a bottom plate to keep the dice corralled inside the tower. This bottom area can hold up to 24 standard 16mm D6's, now you have a dice tower for the buckets of dice games.

•Up to 30mm sized dice
•Up to 24 regular D6's

The dice tower is supplied as a multi-part wood kit that requires assembly. We recommend PVA white glue, or wood glue for assembling our wood kits.

•Easy to assemble
•Finish with any paint or decoration

Once assembled, the dice tower can be painted with any spray or brush paints, covered in paper, flocking, additional details, or whatever you can think of.

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