Litko Acrylic Dice Tower Steampunk

Category: Dice Towers and Trays
| Colour(s): Brown Dice   Red Dice  

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Litko Acrylic Dice Tower Steampunk
The acrylic dice towers are the perfect compliment to any game table.

Dimensions: 13cm x 14cm x 8cm

The Steampunk Dice Tower is a great addition to any steam punk themed games.

With stylized gear cutouts and rivet bolts around the edges this dice tower will loads of style to your next game.

Easy to assemble and easy to store.

The simple slot fit assembly makes it a snap to assemble the clever use of tabs keeps the pieces locked together tightly, even after repeatedly assembly and dis-assembly. When dis-assembled the dice tower lays flat and can easily be stored in the original package or game box.

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