CLEARANCE Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock LTD ED Yellow JUMBO 25mm D6 Dice

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| Colour(s): Yellow Dice  

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This is a JUMBO 25mm D6 Logo Dice.

The Big Bang Theory. Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock Dice brings all the fun of Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock into a game that everyone can enjoy! For those of you who don’t know what Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock is or how it works, here’s a quick review:

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock.

It’s very simple.

Look, scissors cuts paper. Paper covers rock. Rock crushes lizard. Lizard poisons Spock. Spock smashes scissors. Scissors decapitates lizard. Lizard eats paper. Paper disproves Spock. Spock vaporizes rock. And as it always has, rock crushes scissors.

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