CLEARANCE Roll Play Erotic Story Game 8 x D6 Dice Set

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CLEARANCE Roll Play Erotic Story Game 8 x D6 Dice Set Offer
Michelle and Leanne have been friends for many years having both worked together in Sales and Marketing for games company.

Throughout their late twenties and early thirties they have attended and organised many hen parties, and one thing they both found was the lack of creative and sophisticated hen products. Both ladies decided to do something about it. The concept of Roll Play was born. They wanted to create a fun game that encouraged group participation, fun and laughter without being too crass.

Divide the dice between players. Starting with player one and continuing in a circle, take turns rolling the dice, each player should use the image they roll to add to the story. Stop when all the dice are rolled, or carry on rolling to continue your story.

Select somebody to begin and roll all 8 dice. Maybe think of a theme for your story ‘Naked Party’ or ‘Sun and Fun’. Use the images you roll to create your own story that compliments your theme. Once each player has had their turn at rolling the dice and telling their unique story, select the winner. On some paper, choose your favourite story and write down the players name or story title and fold to conceal your vote. Place your votes in a bowl or dice cup and select your winner!

The game consists of 8 luxury engraved dice, presented in an art deco themed box, with a printed black insert.

- 8 dice and 48 images, with unlimited stories….

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