Dice & Dice Sets

In the world of role play games, all dice tell a story and are as much a part of the game as the players. View our extensive collection of dice and dice sets here. We offer a myriad of styles, brands, shapes and sets, with a full range of colours and finishes.

We have everything from metal fire forge dice to glitter dice, jade dice and, of course, bright gem dice. We stock dice and dice sets from brands including Chessex, D&G, Koplow and our own dice from TDSO. Whatever card, board or tabletop RPG you’re playing and whatever your set-up, you’ll find the dice and dice sets you need with us.

We understand how important dice are to true RPG players and having a great collection of well-designed, aesthetically pleasing dice will make your game!

Our suppliers are some of the best in the world and we take time to source rare and antique dice as well as find unique handmade dice sets for your own collections.

Everything any gamer would need in the way of dice will be on our website, so happy browsing and get in touch if there’s anything you’re searching for and can’t yet find.