Specialist Dice

Welcome to our specialist dice range. Here is where you will find a particular type of dice or a more unusual dice set suited to a particular game.

This collection includes dice from a wide range of brands, such as Chessex, Crystal Caste, Impact, D&G, Tesselations, Ultra Pro and many more, including our own TDSO.

The types of specialist dice within this collection include backgammon dice, crystal shaped dice, cheat dice, block dice, double dice, roman numeral dice, round dice, scatter dice and wooden dice as well as special logo dice.

Our specialist dice come in a variety of sides – the biggest being D120, a 120 sided dice, measuring 48mm! It’s based on a polyhedron known as the disdyakis triacontahedron and perfectly numerically balanced, with each side being an elongated triangle.

We also have percentile dice, unusually crystal shaped and not easy to find in the UK, so you can dazzle your friends with them!

All of our specialist dice come in a variety of beautiful colours and finishes, all stunning, lovingly crafted additions to your dice collections. They add even more magic to your game and will blow your gaming buddies minds so start shopping now!