Games Accessories

Here at TDSO, dice may be our main forte, but we also offer an excellent range of dice accessories, games and game accessories as well.

Our impressive range of dice accessories includes dice towers, folding dice trays, cups and shakers, ornate dice chests and our own branded dice bags. Not only that, but we have timers, legendary metal coins, casino chips, counters, gems, templates and markers.

We’re proud to stock a range of role-playing games as well as board, card, dice and family games. We even have Inked Adventures map and dice cards, and the Army Painter modelling supplies for anyone who’s into assembling their own mini armies.

This section has every item that you could need to complete your gaming accessory collection so that you are fully prepped for the full gaming experience! You can immerse yourself in the fantasy world created before you in the game and enjoy the participation of these all-important accessories in making the game a reality.

The Dice Shop Online has been providing the worldwide gaming community with extra special dice and gaming accessories since 2007 and are here to answer any questions you may have about our dice or other products!